Tuesday, February 23, 2016

X Files Season X

So i grew up with the X Files, it was a weekly tradition, i loved it, the later seasons were hit & miss, and the earlier ones only got better with repeat viewings as a teen. The movies were spotty at best but this year, the truth returned, this year, the truth is out there, and i am glad as it was amazing. The first two episodes laid the ground work for the season, alien DNA, after that we get three "monster of the week" episodes, and they were great. The Lizard Man was schlock B Movie goodness, the Trashman was super unique and could/should be a great slasher, and last weeks trip was surreal and brilliant. Now i will say this, for 6 episodes, they should have had more connections and build up to the finale.....the finale was nuts, so damn good and left you wanting more, the show accomplished something, it is like the start of Ghostbusters 2, being back in business is great!

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