Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Coen Brothers Ranked

The Coen Brothers are master filmmakers, gritty crime? You betcha, silly comedy, you betcha, western? Drama? You betcha!

1. Big Lebowski
Was there any question this would be my number one? Was of the best films of the 90's, so iconic, so quotable, only downfall is alot of people can't see Jeff Bridges without seeing the Dude, it has transcended being a cult film and is a part of pop culture!

2, Inside Llewyn Davis
This film hits home, it is personal & shows love towards folk music & the struggles that musicians must go through.

3. No Country For Old Men
One of the 00's best films, probably their most intense!

4. Raising Arizona
What did critics & cinephiles think back in 87, after coming off a solid debut with Blood Simple and then getting this comedy? Hey, it shows range!

5, Fargo
Pretty much known as their masterpiece and for good reason, dark humor, a sharp script and great performances!

6. Blood Simple
If this was their sole film, people would be saying, remember that AMAZING film? Whatever happened to those directors? I wonder if they would have continued to kick ass? They did!

7. Burn After Reading
Criminally underrated, it gets lost in their comedies with Lebowski & Arizona

8. Millers Crossing
Much like Burn, it gets lost, but here it gets lost in their 90's work, it seems most of their work until Fargo did.

9. A Serious Man
Their smallest film, yet easily the most personal to them!

10. The Man Who Wasn't There
I had seen Lebowski after it hit video, same with Fargo & O Brother Where Art Thou but this is the film that made me want to see their work in theatres, still waited til video but it was an early art house film i loved.

11.Barton Fink
Awesome showcase of old hollywood.

12, Hail Caesar
Much like Barton Fink, but with comedy, it shows they should do a flat out homage flick sometime soon!

13, O Brother Where Art Thou?
The first time i hear the name the Coens was cause of this, i had seen Lebowski & Fargo but this is the same time i began to notice directors, watched al their films after this!

14. True Grit
A remake that is on par if not better than the original!

15, Hudsucker Proxy
Not a bad film by any means, just doesn't pack a punch.

16. Intolerable Cruelty
This film gets too much hate

17. The Ladykillers
Being last is not a bad thing, i am a fan of all their films, this is just the short straw!

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