Thursday, April 7, 2016


So holy fuck, Jean Mark Vallee impressed my three years ago with The Dallas Buyers Club, a film that is known more for its acting which is a shame as Vallee has amazing talent. He followed that up with Wild, a worthy next film but his latest is his best! Demolition has Jake Gyllenhaal at his best, Naomi Watts is superb as usual and Judah Lewis is perfect as her son. The way it looks is like his previous with shots inner cut between scenes, more hospital woes and it is another depressing film. This film has cringe worthy moments that make you want to cover your eyes but it is so beautiful and poetic that you can't. THis is his lightest film yet at times his bleakest, Gyllenhaal plays Davis, and he is a perfect example of gods lonely man. His relationship with his father in law is rocky, his job is near the end, his interest include destruction, he bonds with a woman(Watts) through a complaint letter, his relationship with her son is a boost of positive energy for all involved. This is his best acting, yes better than Nightcrawler. It seems as though Dallas Buyers is his one oscar film, this film i think is too bizarre for the oscars, i loved it!

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