Sunday, April 17, 2016


I only watched a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire, i love Martin Scorsese so is is odd that i never dived into it, Vinyl however took me in! 70's record labels, cocaine, crime, surreal musical moments(hell of alot better than AHS Freakshow). The show has vintage Scorsese beat downs will blood, and when it happens it kicks your ass. The surreal moments are bizarre as hell yet are beautifully done. All the actors are fantastic on this show, these characters are shitty but are so damn engaging. The finale was all over the place, but it was almost symbolic in the tone of the episodes punk rock vibe, the CBGB aspect was perfect! This is one of those under the radar HBO shows that no one talks about but they should. 

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  1. I enjoyed this season of Vinyl too. It will be interesting to see where season 2 goes, considering that showrunner Terence Winter has now left the series.