Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most Anticipated of 2010

Sure one weekend has come & gone, saw Daybreakers, still wanna see Youth In Revolt, and sure there are some from 2009 i haven't seen yet, but back on topic, here are my top 5 most anticipated of 2010.Yes i know not all are horror.

1. The Ward

John Carpenter, that is all i have to say. He's my favorite film maker of all time, and seeing him return to feature films is great for me. Plus Amber Heard is in it, she's been in some decent films in recent years, still have yet to see Mandy Lane, god i wish i have.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Probably my favorite comic right now, along with The Walking Dead, which also is getting an adaptation treatment, albeit for T.V. Now i wasn't sure of the casting for the film, but i've seen a few of the cast in films recently, e.g. Anna Kendrick in Up In The Air and i really don't mind the decisions, not to mention my lil crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona, plus Jason Fuckin' Schwartzman as Gideon! Pure awesome actor! Oh and it's directed by Edgar Wright, who hasn't made a bad film yet. Now i am concerned about the faithfulness, seeing as how there are 5 volumes out already, being jammed into one film, plus they are not taking into account the 6th & final book, which can work for the film universe, but i'm still weary on the pacing of the books to film ratio, i have trust in Wright though.

3. Kick Ass

I just recently got into the comic, it's pure awesomeness, and so far all three trailers have been KICK ASS, excuse the pun. This is the year of Nicholas Cage, what with Season of the Witch looking fun not to mention Bad Lieutenant 2 coming to dvd for everyone to enjoy.

4. Shutter Island

Why wouldn't i be excited for a horror film, yes this is a horror film though i'm sure the media will spin it a different way, directed by Martin Scorsese? The trailer has a bit of a Shinning vibe to it.

5. Machete

Hopefully this turns out to be the exploitation/revenge film i want it to be. Finally seeing Danny Trejo in a leading role is great, the cast is odd but i like it, i may not like the cast, but i like the odd choices. This is supposedly the first in a trilogy, and if it is anywhere as good as the fake trailer from Grindhouse(when the fuck is it gonna be released on dvd?)

Honorable mentions

The Book Of Eli, Legion, Frozen, From Paris With Love, The Wolfman, Cop Out, The Crazies, Survival Of The Dead, Alice In Wonderland, She's Out of My League, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Runaways, I Love You Phillip Morris, The Losers, Iron Man 2, The A-Team, Get Him to The Greek, The Rum Diary, Jonah Hex, Predators, The Expendables, Jackass 3, The Social Network, Harry Potter, Black Swan, The Fighter.


  1. I'm so looking forward to Kickass!!Nick cage shooting a 5 year old girl,haha.It's to much!

  2. Gotta say your list is spot on.