Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favorite Films of the Decade

2000 American Psycho
Sure it wasn't 100% to the novel but it was close, plus it spawned a fun debate, did the killings actually happen? I'm split, sure it can be satire that the killings were not noticed because of 80's narcissism & elitist however i think they may have been a dream, eh who cares, 10 years later & we're still talking about it.

Honorable mentions: X-Men, Unbreakable, Almost Famous, O Brother Where Art Thou, Godzilla 2000

2001: Donnie Darko
This is of the greatest mindfucks of all time. Richard Linklater gets alot of hate and is dubbed a poor mans David Lynch. I beg the differ, he may be no Lynch, ut he is his own beast. All of his films have been great, and this is the best of them all. Great cast, a great score, a plot you can get stoned and discuss for hours, hell don't even need to get stoned. If you have a chance, see it at midnight, perfect with a rowdy crowd.

Honorable Mentions THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS!!! Wet Hot American Summer, JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!!!!, ZOOLANDER!!!,

2002. The Rules of Attraction
GREAT novel, one of my favorites, but i didn't read it til years after i saw the film. After reading it, i gotta say, damn near unfilmable. The narrative is written in such a way that characters will talk about the same incident, only with different ways they happened. The film has one scene similar to that. I just all around enjoy the movie though, sure a few of the characters are pricks but Ellis always shows the beauty within the ugly.

Honorable Mentions: Blade 2, Jason X,, Catch Me if you Can, Session 9

2003. Kill Bill
I'm gonna cheat and count Volume 1 & 2 as the same, cause that's what they are! The first volume is a lil more over the top, the second alot more serious in tone, not mention shot more skillfully. The cast is great, the music is amazing, and all the nods to cinema past are great. Some say Tarantino changed his style with Kill BIll, and started making films that were more pulpy, while it's true his stuff has gotten a tad more over the top in his post Jackie Brown days, his stamp is seen on all. I mean he does various genres, so his style bends with each move.

Honorable Mentions: X Men 2, House of 1000 Corpses, Freddy vs Jason, Once Upon a time in Mexico, 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever,, Bad Santa, Mystic River, LOTR

2004. Shaun of the Dead
Holy horror boner Batman, as a huge, HUGE, George A. Romero fan, i loved the film. First read about the foreign film coming to the states and no one believed me. Saw the trailer and was hooked. Counted down the days before it opened(i do that with alot of films though), and when it began, holy shit, geekgasm. Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright are geniuses, after seeing this i tracked down Spaced then waited anxiously awaited Hot Fuzz. But just the brilliance of blending humor & horror in such an effective way, pushed it up for me. It's fun just to listen to the dialogue and hear the references to horror film.

Honorable Mentions:Anchorman(funniest movie ever), Garden State, Harold & Kumar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Hellboy, Team America, Saw, The Life Aquatic, I Heart Huckabees,

2005. The Devil's Rejects
I loved the year 2005, alot of great films came out that year. I didn't like House of 1000 Corpses on first viewing but the trailer for Rejects looked great, so i gave Corpses a second look, and really dug it. So i went in seeing Rejects to be a fun horror film, but i don't think i blinked the entire time. It reminded me alot of the Nebraska Weedeater Massacre, a film that got local attention in the late 80's here in Omaha directed by my uncle. The characters & dialogue were pretty close, but it was so beautifully shot. Rob Zombie i declared brilliant after seeing it, but then came along Halloween & the even worse Halloween 2, but that's neither here nor there. Reject's also has one of the best scores in recent memory, plus a few good twists. They almost go a pro wrestling route by seemingly turning the Firefly's good & Sheriff Wydell into the bad guy. Then they switch it up & give the Firefly's the villian treatment again at the end by having them get shot up by the 5 Oh, with an amazing sequence. One of my favorite scenes in film history, with Freebird kicking in and the Firefly's going out in a blaze of glory. The supporting cast is interesting too, good genre actors sprinkled through out. I for one would much rather had seen the Unholy Two(Trejo & DDP) get their own spin off then either of the Halloween remakes.

Honorable Mentions: Sin City, Batman Begins Kung Fu Hustle, , Land of the Dead, 40 Year Old Virgin,  Oldboy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, King Kong, Jarhead

2006. Clerks 2
Much like 2005, was a great year for film, and 2006 as a whole was great, graduated, got my first job, lost my V card, had my shorts play at a horror convention, but my favorite film, tied with Rocky Horror, is Clerks. Clerks inspired me, my first feature Crackle, due to shoot in March, is in alot of ways much like Clerks. I love Kevin Smith, he writes about people who are similar to himself, he writes about his fans pretty much. I talk just like the cats in his films, then i see a sequel is being made to Clerks! Probably my favorite non midnight theatrical experience ever was Clerks 2, i was dressed as Jay my uncle Silent Bob, then we walk in and see alot of other duos, all dressed as Jay & Silent Bob, but on thinking back, we really didn't dress up, just wore our normal clothes. But everyone booed the Covenant trailer, booed the CGI in any film, and cheered during a View Askew commercial. The film began, i'll admit, i teared up a bit, EVERYONE was cheering & clapping the entire film, then eveyone stayed for the credits, including the fans names that sent in requests(i put mine in too late, fuck).

Honorable Mentions: CHILDREN OF MEN, THE DEPARTED!!!, Tenacious D, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN!!!, Little Miss Sunshine, Snakes on a Plane, , , Pan's Labyrinth, Hostel, V for Vendetta,

2007: Grindhouse
Yet again another year with some great flicks and one of the wonders was seeing a double feature! At first yeah, it's just one movie with two movies in it, hell, they broke em up on dvd so it pretty much was a double feature. The Machete trailer is hilarious, Planet Terror is very badass(alot say it's what a Carpenter zombie movie would be like, i still think 28 weeks Later is closer to a Carpenter film), Werewolf Women of the SS & Don't are fun but Thanksgiving is where it's at. Then Death Proof, some hate it for being talky, but erm, it's Tarantino, what do you expect. I just wished it was released on dvd as the whole film, since i don't own either, just borrow. It was nice to see it as a whole again 2 years ago at a midnight screening, but alas even the midnight screening have been broken up.

Honorable Mentions: SHOOT EM UP, Across the Universe, DARJEELING LIMITED, No Country for Old Men, Zodiac, Hot Fuzz, 28 Weeks Later, SUPERBAD, THE NINES, Hostel 2, The Mist, Knocked Up, Walk Hard, Orphanage

2008 The Dark Knight

I loved Batman Begins, it changed the way i thought about comic book movies, sure Sin City came out first, however, when i mean comic book movies, i mean super hero comic book movies. The script was great, the direction, cinematography, the acting, hell they had damn good actors, respected actors, except Katie Holmes. It felt like a graphic novel, and it sure as hell was inspired by the likes of Batman Year One. Plus it had one of the best teasers for a sequel i can think of. The sequel blew the first way out of the water, in every term in my opinion. They nixed Holmes and brought in the secretary herself Maggie Gyllenhaal, and my favorite film performance in years, with Heath Ledger's The Joker. Sure some jump on the film for being overrated but if you're a comic geek, how can't you love it? Shit i dressed as the Joker at the midnight showing, then again on halloween, this time sporting a nurse dress. I usualy don't buy movie licensed comic book products, but i have purchases a couple Joker shirts, posters, and figures, i went to buy the dvd at midnight, got home around 1, watched it, crashed out around 4:15, and woke up for hours later for work, i LOVE the film. WHY SO SERIOUS?

Honorable Mentions:  Harold & Kumar 2, Iron Man, , Hellboy 2, Pineapple Express, The Signal, Hamlet 2, Rambo, Charlie Bartlett, Forgetting Sarah Marshall,,Step Brothers Burn After Reading, Zack & Miri, Role Models, Milk, The Wrestler, Rec. The Strangers, Funny Games, Incredible Hulk

2009. Trick R Treat
Same thoughts as i posted in my 2009 retrospect.


  1. congrats on the bloody disgusting nod. great list by the way. even dig the honorable mentions.

  2. Excellent picks, all, and happy to see Clerks II on there! It wouldnt have hit my top list overall, but certainly in the comedy category!