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2009 My Favorite Films

Yeah i know this isn't straight on horror, but horror is represented so i'm doing it anyhow. Granted there are a few films i haven't seen from last year Such as Deadgirl, House of the Devil, Donkeypunch, Thirst, I sell The Dead & Deadsnow. But these are my top favorites.

1. Trick R Treat

I bought this the day it came out as a blind buy, i popped it in the dvd player, sat back and was blown away. I loved the PSA at the top of the film, i loved opening scene, it set the tone perfectly. Then being the comic geek i am, seeing the opening credits, put it over for me, after that i was hooked. I don't know how many times i've watched it since then(around ten), but i'm not bored during any of the viewings, fuck i watched it on halloween with my friend Jared, we went out, came back & watched it again(finished the night watching Evil Dead 2 at a midnight screening FYI!!!) John of Freddy in Space has it right, best werewolf transformation since An American Werewolf in London, not to mention probably the hottest aswell. Sam is such a great character, dare i say iconic, may be premature, but i will. Said friend from earlier wants to dress as Sam for this years halloween, and it will be a great & easy costume. Borders has a book covering Trick R Treat, and comes with goodies, i might just pick it up sometime.

I love films set in the 80's, nay films set in decades where you could have fun. I love hang out movies too and movies set at job locations, so i knew i'd dig the flick, i just didn't know this much. The cast is great and the characters feel real, even Bill Hader & Kristen Wig's pure comedy characters feel like actual awkward bosses. It shows how your first job can affect you(mine did, i still have friends to this day from it) it shows the pains of love, and the growth of friendship, a great coming of age movie. I was born in 87, so i missed the fun decades, with double features, fun attractions & whatnot, so this flick makes me long for stuff like that(all i got here is an arcade that barely has games, does have a great lazer tag though). Plus it makes me excited for my trips to Kansas City to visit Worlds of Fun with my friends, we have a few planned for next year.

3. Watchmen
Zack Snyder is brilliant, sure i should hate him, he remade one of my favorite films in Dawn of the Dead but it was not too bad, then he bored me to tears with 300, but i predict after this he does no wrong. This is the unfilmable film that he made, he made in a way where folks should praise it, however they don't, they bash it. Why? It looks gorgeous and is well made. Are all critics, comic purists? No, so why the hate? Sure it changed shit, but for the better in my mind. Best opening credits ever? You betcha! 

4. Observe &  Report
You love Seth Rogen? So do I! Did you enjoy the Foot Fist Way or Eastbound & Down? Well i haven't seen Eastbound but i enjoyed Foot Fist Way quite a bit. HUGE Taxi Driver fan? Fucking A I am! Well this is the film for you, Seth Rogen is excellent in this role, it's dark & semi creepy, but he's a good guy at heart. He dreams of having guns at his mall security job, he beats the shit out of skaters, he experiments with drugs, he fucks chicks who are barely conscious, Paul Blart, this is not. There's even a remix of the Pixies Where Is My Mind!

5500 Days of Summer
This is such a great flick, it shows the ups & downs of love, the hardships of relationships, plus the characters are actually likable. Joseph Gordon Levitt is pure awesomeness. And yes i like Zooey

6. The Brothers Bloom
I love heist films, and movies about con artist, this was a treat, it feels like a Wes Anderson film almost, it seems to be set in modern times yet every dresses & talks like it's the 40's.

7.  Moon
I hate when people say it's a rip off of 2001, it has similarities but it's not the same at all. The story unfolds pretty well and i don't want to ruin anything so i will not reveal the twist, although you might know it by the trailer. Sam Rockwell gives the best performance of the year here, he's great. It's a low budget sci-fi film made with models & miniatures, you know how many Moons you can make with Avatars budget? It comes out on dvd tuesday, check it out.

8. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Holy shit, now i haven't seen Avatar, don't really want to, but i keep hearing everyone talk about how breathtaking it is, well that's what i found in this. For years i've been tryign to find a film(well not trying but eyeign those i watch) that uses CGI in a good way, too many films depend on it, and they take you out f the film. However Imaginarium used it in a very..very trippy way. What i loved is when you step through the mirror, the effects use set pieces, almost out of stage plays to help give the quirky feel of early Tim Burton, and this flick feels very early Burton. On the subject of the director, i've always been torn between The Hply Grail and Fear & Loathing as to which is my favorite Gilliam film, now there is a third title in competition, go see this film, with an open mind, cause i don't want to over promote it, i feel it will work better for the viewer if you let the film play in your mind, your own way, much like the plot of the film, which is going into fantasy worlds within a mirror(almost like an acid trip). You may want to use acid while watching the film actually, i didn't, but if you have any, you may enjoy the ride.

9. The Hangover
Hilarious film, totally worth all of the hype. The entire cast shine & this is their breakout film, all will have great careers after this!

10. Fanboys
A film i have been waiting about 3 years to see, it did not disappoint, not at all, it is a hilarious & charming film about geekdom. The cast is having a blast, the viewer has one watching the cameos. This seems like a real passion project, a film for Star Wars fans to geek out with along with their friends, in their quests to support them and follow your dreams, even if that dream is to just watch a movie.

11. Zombieland
This is a super fun zombie film, great cast, simple plot. It is like a coming of age tale for zombie movies. Twinkies, family, amusement parks, enjoy the little things.

12. Star Trek
If you never want to see a remake, make a sequel, have em go back in time, alter the timeline, and instantly the prequel is the remake.

13. My Bloody Valentine 3D
This is how you do a horror remake, and this is how you utilize 3D!

14. Bad Liutenant 2
I was weary when a sequel to the Harvey Keitel/Abel Ferrara classic was announced but holy hell was this a cool flick, well shot with surprisingly great performances.

15. The Men Who Stare at Goats
George Clooney has been great this year, along with Up In the Air and Fantastic Mr. Fox, sure Up in the Air might be the better film, but i totally dug Goats. Seeing Jeff Bridges in a Dude esque character put a smile on my face alone. I lvoe films about military, i also love films about counter culture, new age, drug culture, so this was the best of both worlds. I haven't read the book, which a friend says is alot more serious in tone, but all i know is this is a fun movie, Clooney runs with all his roles, and the rest of the cast is solid, hearing Ewan McGregor talk about jedi's is great, if even for the face that he was in three movies released between 99 and 05 that i chose not to discuss. Does stuff like this really go on? Maybe, it's known that experiments have gone on with both soldiers and goats, so it's possible, but a movie is a movie, and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

16. Crank 2
This is the first one but jacked up on even more fucked up drugs, perfect american action film, perfect vehicle for Jason Staham!

17. Fantastic Mr Fox(tie)
I love Wes Anderson, total one of my biggest influences, and him doing a stop motion animated film is right up his alley, was even better than Coraline, another great film from the year.
17. Up(tie)
The best Pixar film of all time and an emotional rollercoaster.

18 . The Box
Richard Kelly is a genius! 3 great films, hopefully after this his career will skyrocket and we wont have to wait years in between films!

19. The Hurt Locker 
The might be the best film of the year, this might be the best film since the Dark Knight!

20. Jennifer's Body
I actually prefer this script to Juno, a film i highly enjoyed but was annoyed with at the same time. This is a fun & sexy flick!

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