Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Most Antipipated Films

I'm sure this list will change

1. The Ward
Come on, it's John Carpenter, so what if the reviews haven't been great, he's my favorite film maker so i'm pumped to see a new film by him!

2. Red State
Kevin Smith doing horror!

3. Harold & Kumar 3
I love this series, and hope that it turns out well!

4. Tree of Life
Malick's latest looks like it might be his best, i'm excited.

5. The Thing prequel
I love Carpenter plus Winstead is in it!

6. Burke & Harre
Landis back to doing horror comedies...what more do you want?

7. Hugo Cabret

8. Cedar Rapids
Looks pretty fucking funny.

9. Wanderlust
Wain is amazing!

10. Your Highness
I love Green's films, i love McBride, i LOVE Portman & i love Zooey & Franco. Plus the story looks badass & hilarious!

11. Paul
Pegg & Frost doing a script without Wright...that's not right....oh hey Mottola is directing, and you got Bateman, Weaver, Wigg & Rogen? Sign me up!

12. Harry Potter
THe first half was brilliant, the second half is it sticks to the book will rock the world!

13. Thor
Best Marvel trailer ever, could it be their best film? We'll see!

14. The Green Lantern
Lantern is my third favorite superhero behind Ghost Rider & Batman, and we know how those films turned out, so will this be a Ghost Rider, or a Batman.....i think neither, but i'm sure it'll be fun.

15. Sucker Punch
Snyder seems to have found his calling in far out fantasy/superhero flicks, the concept is awesome and the hot!

16. Chillerama
Adam Green? Joe Lynch? Tim Sullivan? Adam Rifkin? Awesome!

17. A Horrible Way to Die
Looks great, plus AJ Bowen is the shit!

18. Limitless
a film about drugs that enhance your mind? I'm in!

19. The Hangover 2
I just want to go in and see a juvenile, devil may care, fucked up comedy.

20. Cowboys & Aliens
Title says it all.

21. Captain America
I'm hoping for more of a war story...but we'll see.

22. The Green Hornet
I for one think the trailer looks good.

23. X Men
I like the casting & i really dig Vaughn directing but i'm weary of the film.

24. Take Me Home Tonight
Looks like a fun coemdy

25. Restless
Van Sant's latest looks pretty damn good!

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