Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Films of 2010

1.Scott Pilgrim
Possibly my favorite comic book film ever, based off my favorite comic series of all time, it's pure geekdom!

2. Kick Ass
A bloody, swear filled comic book flick, and featuring my second favorite Nic Cage performance outside of Bad Lieutenant.

3. Inception
A brilliant summer blockbuster, just what we truly need. Where as most are CGI filled and becoming 3d, Inception used alot of in camera effects(granted still using CGI in the film) and was truly original, take that Avatar.

4. Black Swan
Best film i've seen in years. It's a psychological acid trip, an erotic melodrama, trashy Italian cinema, beautifully shot, beautifully scored, brilliantly directed & written, has great performances, i need to see it a third time! I also have to say the top 3 are three of my all time favorite theatre going experiences of all time!

5. Enter the Void
Another psychological trip, only different then Swan, a tad pretentious, but fucking brilliant, it's truly a journey of a film.

6. Shutter Island
Both of Leo's two films this year were by master filmmalers, and both in my opinion were very Kubrick esque. Shutter Island is a brilliant mind fuck.

7. Tron Legacy
This is how one should use CGI & 3D.

8. Hot Tub Time Machine
Sure the film's a little choppy here & there but i thought it was hilarious.

9. 127 Hours
Boyle does it again, the master of switching genres, and his second best film, seeing the nerves being pulled even made my squint my eyes.

10. Harry Brown
A brilliant & disturbing piece of cinema that shows how dangerous humans can truly be. Fucking intense.


  1. Got to disagree with some of these. You can see mostly why on my blog what I thought of Tron Legacy, but the Expendables, really???!!! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One stayed too true to the book. A long camping trip is fine to read about, not to watch. Also, I found Shutter Island too predictable.

  2. I had to make an adjustment, last two have been kicked off!