Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Film of 2010

I already did my favorites, now it's time for the best

1. Black Swan
it deserves to win almost every award, but it's funny as it doesn't feel awardsy, it feel like an early DePalma film, it feel like an Argento film, but it's shot, scored, directed, acted & written so brilliantly!

2. 127 Hours
Boyles second best, brilliant film, and it shows what you can do with a small cast, or shall we say, one actor on screen for 90% of the film.

3. Enter The Void
Pretentious yes, but so what, it's a brilliant concept and brilliantly made!

4. True Grit
The Coen's do it again, 4 years in a row, they've done great films, and in my opinion, this is their third best, and my third favorite they've made!

5. The Social Network
Fincher doing a drama....and excellently, Andrew Garfield is terrific!

6. Inception
BRILLIANT, fucking brilliant, blockbuster, rarely does a blockbuster get such acclaim, and it deserves it!

7. The Killer Inside me
Much like Black Swan, it doesn't feel awardsy, well neither does Enter The Void, but damnit, Void is brilliant. Anyhow, The Killer Inside Me feels like an exploitation film, but features a powerful performance by Casey Affleck!

8. The Town
Speaking of Affleck, his brother did some good acting, and great directing in this film!

9. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo/The Girl who Played with Fire
I need to see the third before i make up my mind completely!

10.The Fighter
A near Scorsese esque film!

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