Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Film News Roundup 12-15-10
Another theme park flick....idk, i'd rather see him do another Marvel film, but hey that's just me....on second thought, please atleast write another film like Swingers!
Glad to see the western is making a return!
NOW THIS IS THE OZ PROJECT I'M EXCITED FOR! Seriously, there are alot of Oz projects popping up, but this one seems to be the most promising, maybe it's because i'm a sucker for stop motion. Boy Scouts vs Zombies
Has the zombie sub genre jumped the shark? The shark in question being from Fulci's Zombie! Or is this our new Monster Squad? Time will tell.

Wow that surprisingly looks funny. I checked it out just for Grace, but i actually wound up digging it.

Best looking Marvel trailer there's been!

FINALLY! Holy shit that looks great. the trailer lived up to the hype, i'm sure the film will be amazing!

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