Friday, March 11, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane

So in 2007 we got a mysterious trailer for an untitled film that was found footage and the Statue of Liberty was destroyed, that film wound up being Cloverfield and it is highly underrated. Talks of a sequel were tossed around and many assumed Super 8 would tie in some how, it didn't but 8 years after Cloverfield comes the "sequel" 10 Cloverfield Lane. No one knew about this, the trailer dropped like 2 months ago and shocked everyone, and for my money one of the best trailers in recent memory. I loved the film, it starts off very Hitchcockian with suspense and a few Kubrick esque shots, before being ran off the road(literally) and the next 20 minutes is creepy, full of dark humor and feels like a modern exploitation film. John Goodman is AMAZING in it, he is multi layered and down right scary at times. he pulls off the psycho menace perfectly. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is as hot as ever and fits nicely into the "final girl" role(is she a final girl? Can you call her that? Well i am). When shit hits the fan the mood changed, the paranoia is strong and that shit just sets off a string of events that speak on human survival. The aliens, oh shut up, it is Cloverfield, you knew there would be aliens, remind me of the assblasters from the Tremors series, the end felt a little bit like Super 8, only without the mutual respect, and the final shot is a classic JJ move on not answering questions.

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  1. One of my favorite films of 2016 so far. I agree that Goodman and Winstead are amazing in this. Nice review.

    - Zach