Friday, March 25, 2016

Daredevil Season 2

While the Marvel Films are fuzzy & warm, their shows are hard & cold, they are dark, they almost don't feel like they fit the same universe, but that is the cool thing, it is the universe, and much like ours, some people have happy lives, some don't, and while yes, most in the Marvel Cinematic Universe don't have "happy lives", those in the show have pretty fucked up lives. THe first season of Daredevil was a breakthrough, the fights are amazing and it had grit, Jessica Jones was the same way, but both had dull middle episodes, that is not the case in season 2, this is a damn near perfect season. Matt Murdoch is in a love triangle with Foggy & Karen, Daredevil is tag teaming with his ex to take down the Yakuza, all while trying to stop the Punisher from punishing crime, though they too must team up to take down the threat, Stick gets involved, Punisher battles him, Elekta battles him, Elektra battles DD, DD battles the Punisher, Matt is in a love square with Foggy, Karen & Elektra. The blood & gore is upped, Punusher caps fools left & right, head shots galore, the streets are painted in red, the crime shit is awesome, but even better was the latter half & the kung fu vibe. Best fights in comic tv, best effects in comic film/tv in some time, the acting is great this season, plus it has returns from the first season that work perfect, and teases for season 3 that keep you wanting more. I can't wait til the Defenders meet the Avengers, and i can't wait for the Punisher to get his own series!

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