Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hardcore Henry

So have you seen  the trailers for Hardcore Henry? Yes? That is the flick...wait, that isn't a bad thing, this is the flick i wanted it to be, 90 minutes of pure awesomeness, do you like Shoot Em Up? John Wick? Kingsman? Then see this! Did you like how non stop Mad Max Fury Road was? Then see this! It is a video game movie, but much like Scott Pilgrim, it is not based on a game! This is a First Person Shooter of a movie, and a fun one at that, is it over the yes? Yes! Is the plot contrived? Yes! But i knew i was digging it from the ubber awesome opening credits, no joke the credits let you know the flick you are getting! Sharlto Copley steals the show as Kenny, i mean Jimmy, yes, that's the ticket! The blood flows alot in the flick, and there are tits & drugs, plus Queen and parkour! This is a flick that you can sit back and enjoy, just mindless, bloody fun, check it out....but if you get car sick like my buddy does, it might make you want to splash water on your face, so be prepared, but even if so, still enjoy it!

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