Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Man Seeking Woman season 2

The first season was a gem, it went under the radar for the most part. It's combination or surrealism mixed with brutal honesty struck a chord with folks. This show is pure fantasy yet at the same time has such an emotional pull of truth that you can't help but but laugh, think, and cringe sometimes at the same time. It is awkward as fuck, can be super creepy plus the show has smarts, the wit oozes from the show, and this season spoke high truths, "nice guys" "friend zones" "dibs" all this stuff that can be thrown out the window, as it should, hit the pavement and settle into a goo that shimmers a reflection of society, a society that could learn alot, just from watching this show, you want commentary on issues, watch this show, it speaks for modern society! Plus it is full of nerdy shit, demons, monsters, inside jokes, robots, what is not to love?

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