Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman vs Superman *spoilers ahead*

Okay, so yes Marvel laid the groundwork out for the Avengers perfectly, while they were doing that, DC was producing the greatest comic book trilogy ever in my opinion with the Dark Knight series. Now while i hated how Dark Knight Rises ended, i did like that they left a door open for JGL to be Batman Beyond or Nightwing, we didn't get that instead we got Ben Affleck. Now i am a Affleck fan, i dig his flicks so i was behind him on this, Affleck as Bruce Wayne, and it ties into Man of Steel, hell yes. Oh Man of Steel, yes, the often hated Superman flick, which to me is the second best outside of Superman 2, i thought it was awesome, but i thought they should let Batman be and concentrate on Superman and the others to make the Justice League. Well we got the Justice League, we got a film with Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman & Cyborg, only instead of feeling like easter eggs, they felt forced, alot of things in the film felt forced, the plot was very forced....plot, what plot, let us just have random scene after random scene, where is motive, where is logic, where is reason? It is all gone, there is none, Lex Luther's goals don't really matter, the reasons he goes after characters aren't thought out, the reason Wonder Woman helps the Brave & the Bold is just a plot device, Batman & Superman's animosity toward one another is shoved down are throats but we are not sure what exactly is being shoved down it, and the reasons why they come together is laughable at best. I will say this, visually it looks awesome, the actors all do great, the costumes & sets are top notch, it is not a bad film, it just has a bad script, or a highly jumbled clusterfuck of a mess that they pass off as a script. I almost with they went the extra mile and made it even more of a mess to give us more what the fuck moments, this is not so bad it is good, it is not bad, it is just a disasterpiece.

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