Wednesday, October 19, 2016

American Honey

Here we go, the big little film that could of 2016, a film that lit it up at the festivals, and you know what, it measures up. I respect how the film was made, largely unknowns, if that, as some weren't even actors, and shot chronologically. It looks great, has a grit to it, i hear there was alot of improv, and if so, that is wicked cool. The acting is good, it reminds me of Kids, but i liked it better. Much like Kids, it is a film with characters i would not want to hang out with. I know kids like this, alot work at haunted houses, not bad kids, just this type. as far as magazine sellers go, i have met many in my time, you can tell they are lying, but none are aggressive, pretty much how the film shows them, is how they are. Unlike Kids, i didn't hate all the characters, just a bit of them goes a long way. Now some have called this, the new Dazed & Confused and the new Easy Rider. Easy Rider was about freedom, as is this, Dazed was about youth, as is this, that is about it. Dazed is a classic, Rider is a classic, i think this has an audience but it will be in a full on hipster crowd. The ending could go either way, Dazed is bright, Rider is dark, where does the end of this film leave us? We don't know, and that is brilliant. Personally i think it will be good for a while, but shit will happen, and Star(our lead) will begin to earn money elsewhere. The film's beginning is rather sad, showing how some kids have it, makes you put your life in perspective, and seeing where they get their food from is sad. It took me awhile to want to type this up, cause i wasn't sure how i felt, but i am liking it more & more as the day goes on!  

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