Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Girl on the Train

The premise for this film seemed like a Hitchcockian thriller, but the fact it was based on a book that came out last year, led me to believe it was a cash in. Get all the lonely basic bitches that in a book club to see this film based on  the book they all read. Well the trailer looked a bit like Gone Girl so i was convinced it would be a dull adaptation, not saying Gone Girl was, it was really good, but is this what Hollywood will give us in response? Well what we got was something that the critics hated, for the most part that is, but this film, was actually really good. It reminds me a bit of 90's trash thrillers only better, hell i could see 80s DePalma directing this. The directing here is actually good, there are a few choices in editing that could be better but the film itslef was really good. It unravels and keeps you guessing, it is booby & at times bloody. Much like Gone Girl it is a film you can not speak of with out mentioning spoilers, and for that, i am pleased, i like it when films are mysterious, the best of which is HBO's the Night Of, now two totally different beasts, but this here is more in the sleazy, exploitation variety, and i was glad i got that instead of a boring snoose fest. Much like a few other releases in the fall thus far, it is perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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