Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tim Burton Ranked

Tim Burton i used to love....i still love his style, i love many of his films, but in the past decade or so he has taken on odd turn of post modernism.

1. Beetlejuice
I have never seen any other movie, as many times as i have Beetlejuice, it is top 5 for life(my whole top 5 will be top 5 for life). I literally watched it every day from ages of 3 to 5, i still watch it about 4 times a year, it is perfect! The characters, the setting of boring America, the look, the dark humor, the effects, Michael fucking Keaton, one of, if not THE, best scores of all time. This is the Burton I LOVE!

2. Batman
The very first movie i saw in theatres, 2 years old, only image i remember is the Batwing in the moon, however this became the gold standard of Batman films, and to me, the second best Batman film behind the Dark Knight.

3. Ed Wood
I love Ed Wood, not just the film, but the man. He inspires me, hell i love Plan 9 not as a bad movie, but as a B movie. This film, shows his passion, his determination, and how to be guerilla!

4. Batman Returns
This Batman may feel more BURTON esque than the first, but Joker trumps all. However, Danny Devito is amazing here, and Michelle Pfeiffer is smoking in this!

5. Mars Attacks
Here was Tim Burton's Ed Wood film, right after Ed Wood, he did this, and broke the rules, you can't kill Jack Nicholson, boom, i will kill him more than once! It is such a fun flick, and possibly his fastest paced after Beetlejuice.

6. Edward Scissorhands
This is a good companion piece to Beetlejuice,  the white picket fence Americana, the gothic imagery, the whimsy, all long before it became what is is today.

7. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
If you are 25-45 and didn't love this flick as a kid, well WTF is wrong with you?!

8. Big Fish
This may be Burton's best looking film, and a highly underrated film at that. All the performances are great here and it is quirky as fuck.

9. Sleepy Hollow
Burton took his love of Hammer films, and made a Hammer esque film, another underrated film of his.

10. Sweeney Todd
This was a somewhat return to form for Burton after his clumsy 2005, but also his last great film(great Burton esque i will say). it is dark, bloody, and funny, but the look of the characters straight out of Hot Topic hurt the films reputation.

11. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
This film is a mixed bag, it is X Men done in the Harry Potter world, but holy fuck, are the skeletons cool! The film is fun, it has his trademarks but it feels too much like a Harry Potter flick, not that there is anything wrong with those films.

12. Big Eyes
This is the film post Sweeney that i mentioned was great, only this one doesn't feel like a Burton film, and i applaud that. It feels like he was trying something new, something smaller, and it worked!

13. Dark Shadows
This is a fun flick, i thought i was going to hate it, as the trailer, was awful, but it wasn't as corny as the trailer lets on, and is a decent modern version of the series. Forgettable yet fun, if it was on TV, i would watch it.

14. Frankenweenie
The short is better plus this film was over shadowed by Paranorman but it is still quite enjoyable!

15. Corpse Bride
Everyone was nuts about Nightmare Before Christmas, everyone still thinks he directed it, so he made this, and it wasn't as good.

16. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Awesome visuals but a meh flick.

17. Alice in Wonderland
I wanted to love this, i wanted it to be trippy as fuck, and I loathed it!

18. Planet of the Apes
But not as much as this....the originals are some of my all time favorites, luckily the new remakes made up for this.

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