Friday, October 21, 2016

Keeping Up With the Jonses

I love Greg Mottola for the most part, i love Superbad, Adventureland & Paul, Daytrippers was so so, but look at his other films. Superbad is us in high school, nerds partying it up, trying to get the girl. Look at Adventureland, trying to find where you need to be. Then there is Paul, his geekiest yet. Superbad is his funniest, Adventureland is his best, and it is my favorite too. Now we get Keeping Up with the Jonses, a film that is pretty much a director for hire project. SUperbad he was sought out by Judd Apatow & Seth Rogen, Rogen & Simon Pegg did the same for Paul, Adventureland was his own project. Here you can tell his heart wasn't into it, it felt like a hack job, but it was still a fun flick, i wasn't bored, i laughed here & there, just didn't laugh alot, and the jokes i did laugh at, weren't hilarious, there were some good puns in there but overall, alot fell flat. With that said, if you want to spend an hour & a half at the theatre, go for it, but i recommend waiting at home to be honest.

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