Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Accountant

If you watch the trailer for the Accountant it looks like a by the numbers drama, decent but possibly forgettable, if you watch the film, it is much more of an action film, a lite John Wick, but not as cool. The flick is being dumped on by critics, and i assume it is because they didn't want as much action and violence in it, it is pretty cool shit to see, to be honest. Now i can see them hating the JK Simmons sub plot, as it really has nothing much to do with the main story other than giving us background info, truly the end of his subplot, meant nothing. Ben Affleck & Jon Berthnal are awesome as opposing badasses, Anna Kendrick is adorable but could have been stronger. I was surprised by how badass the action is, the hand to hand combat, the shootouts, pretty much everything.

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