Thursday, July 27, 2017

Atomic Blonde

So first off, this has possibly the best soundtrack in years, i fucking loved it! Now, as for the film, i love John Wick, one of the Wick boys, David Leitch, directed this, and while yes, it is a film about a skilled shooter that is also great in hand to hand combat, it is still a different film than John Wick, and John Wick 2, which Leitch did not direct. It is more or less a harder edged Bond/Mission Impossible. as opposed to an assassins ball like the Wick Flicks. Charlize Theron is badass here, as she usually is, is super hot here, as she usually is, James McAvoy runs with his role, as he has lately, John Goodman & Toby Jones, in their smaller parts, are good. The action is great, awesome fights, awesome shootouts, and yes, going back to it, an awesome soundtrack.The script, kind of meh. It is a good film, not a great film, if you take away the soundtrack, it might not pack much of a punch, as the kick ass scenes don't happen until closer towards the end.

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