Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Big Sick

I love Michael Showalter, i love where he came from, but i haven't loved the films he has directed, until now. Judd Apatow seems to enjoy producing TV/Films about stand up comedians. Sometimes they are way too cringe worthy such as Crashing, and other times they are just a dull film like Funny People. This here, seems more like Sleep Walk With Me and Don't Think Twice, and as good as those flicks were, they were not GREAT, this film is GREAT! The great, up & coming Kumail Nanjiani wrote & stars in this very personal film about family & love. The fact that the main character is based on his real life with(she also co wrote the film) helps drive the heart, and you can tell every line of dialogue in the film means something to him when he says it. Fantastic cast, simple yet heart string pulling story, when the film is funny, it is really funny, mainly from awkward moments of life, but it is super smart in the pay off. This is the best thing Apatow has produced in years, and the best thing Showalter has done since Wet Hot American Summer!

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