Friday, July 7, 2017

Spider Man Homecoming

The Sam Raimi Spider Man flicks have wonderful villains, great actors in  the roles, and great performances in said roles. Mark Webb's Spidey flicks had great villains and great actors yet the performances were off. Jon Watt's had a great villain, a great actor and a great performance. You see the sides of the villain in most Spidey flicks, and there is the conflict with in them. The Raimi series had great supporting characters with J Jonah Jameson, the Webb flicks did not, the Watt series, thus far has some really fun characters. Raimi had awful love interests and terrible performances, Webb had the opposite of it, Watt's is in the middle, Lisa is so so but MJ is the shit(no, not Marry Jane).Tobey Maguire was terrible, Andrew Garfield was amazing, Tom Holland is pretty fucking good. Where as Tobey was a stereotypical nerd, Garfield was a true version of what a Spidey fan would be, semi awkward, around the popular crowd, yet cool around the cool peeps. Holland, is a lost underclassmen, and he plays it well. The soundtrack was awesome, thw nods were well done, honestly, i am stoked for the Spidey Verse that crosses the MCU.

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