Friday, July 21, 2017

Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets

This is easily Luc Besson's best work in 20 years, hell it might be his best work to date, yeah, i know there are alot of Fifth Element, Leon, & Nikita fans out there, but sorry, i love those flicks, but this here, wow! From the moment Space Oddity hit at the beginning, to the awesome credits/montage it just kept getting better & better. This is the film Avatar wishes it was, sorry, not sorry, fuck Avatar! The film is gorgeous, i wish i had seen it in 3D, wish i saw it in 3D Imax, wish i saw it in 3D Imax while tripping, the colors are amazing, so much detail in to every creature, spaceship, planet, buildings, it is beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, Cara Delevingne is a sight to see in this, a bad ass and breath takingly gorgeous! Dana DeHaan continues to be awesome in almost everything he is in, and with a Cure For Wellness, the dude is on fire this year, sorry most critics hated your films dude. Can i go back to beautiful again? This film is prisms in the eyes washed out by paint and pussy juice, it is bliss for visuals! Speaking of bliss for visuals, Rihanna, is as hot as ever and has a new aspect to her! So glad to see Clive Owen in a kick ass flick again, also Ethan Hawke, damn dude, you stole the show in your scene! It is like a video game, different levels for different portions of the film, each portion feels different because of the locations, and each location almost has it's own Boss baddie, and every sub plot is tied up. I can not stress enough how beautiful the film is, but it is not style over substance, this is a midunderstood sci fi film that will hopefully gain a cult following, ugh, now i want to read the comic!

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  1. There's so much promise in this movie that is was frustrating that things didn't click. I don't regret watching, but it was one of those that felt like so much more could'e been done with it. I agree with others's sentiments that the leads were too young for the roles. I also thought I would get past it but the romantic angle/proposal feel forced. It wasn't necessary for the tension between the duo. There were lengthy action sequences which weren't awful, but lasted a little too long every time they occurred. Overall, not bad. Not great either.
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