Friday, July 21, 2017


Christopher Nolan started off doing small British flicks, Following, then hit it big in the cult circuit with Memento, not a bad way to go, but you better make some money, Insomnia, meh, you can do better.....Batman Begins! Yes sir! Kind of a one for him, one for them thing rocking out, better do one more for you, The Prestige, okay, i am not a big fan of this flick, but his next film for them is a masterpiece, the motherfucking Dark Knight, and you follow that up with Inception? A 1, 2 punch of awesomeness right there. Dark Knight Rises disappointed me but has grown on me and Interstellar really disappointed me, visually it is cool, and it is trippy in look & ideas but it doesn't do it for me, i think he was trying too hard to be accepted by Oscar, and now he has fully become an Oscar Bait director, Dunkirk. It is a good film, a really good film, but it needed to be longer, flesh these characters out. What happens in the film? Not much, in fact nothing really happens, two soldiers hide out, get into arguments with other soldiers, a family on a boat try to rescue other soldiers, an airplane flies around. Honestly the best part of the film was the score, the score is great! Nolan, i like you better with Jokers and Sleep Thieves!

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