Thursday, June 10, 2010

Film News Roudnup 6-10-10 Iron Sky
Wow, that sounds awesome, i was kind of feeling bummed out and my friend sent me this, cheered me right up. How awesome does that sound? Just imagine if this happened, with the occult & astrology linked to Nazism it could've been. What a flick this will be! Batman 3 RUMOR
JGL as the Riddler? I can dig it, i'm a huge JGL fan. Van Helsing
Badass, i'd rather see him do somethign like this than the Hobbit, then again i'd rather see him do a spanish film above all. Taken 2
Sequel isn't needed but it might be fun, the character could definitely be used again! Monsterocalypse
Burton as i've said has too much on his plate, but i love August, i LOVE the Nines, great film, hopefully he can do some magic with Burton like he did Big Fish! Green Lantern 2
I'm excited for the Ryan Reynolds version(well CGI suit aside) but let's not get ahead of ourselves, we all remember Superman Returns.

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  1. monsterpocalypse sounds waaaaaaay too good to be true... but if it gets pulled off, wow!!!