Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Splice looked like Species but it was more Frankenstein by the way of David Cronenberg. Clive & Elsa(Adrien Brody & Sarah Polley) are two of the top genetic engineers in the game, and have spliced multiple forms of animal DNA, together to create two slug like creatures named Fred & Ginger, the next step is to add in human dna, thus Dren is born. Dren is untamed but Elsa begins to treat it as a child, however it soon ages fast and evolves. Clive's brother Gavin finds out about Dren and is uneasy of the situation, Clive & Elsa decide to move here to Elsa's childhood farm. During some disputes between Dren & Elsa, Clive becoems the peace maker and the new target of Dren's affection, becoming her ideal lover. Well that come to the forefront, but Clive & Elsa patch up their situation and Dren becomes jealous of the couple. After they think Dren is dead, Gavin shows up with Barlow(David Hewlett), the head of Clive & Elsa's research. However Dren comes back but this time as a male, and after disposing of the other males, has his way with Elsa, Clive makes the save but it's too late, Dren finishes him off(after he finished off Elsa ;) ) only to receive a brick to the head. It's been rumored a sequel is on the way, and the endign sets one up, almost by the way of the Fly 2.

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