Saturday, June 19, 2010

Harry Brown

Wow, all i can say is wow, what a film, great acting, great cinematography, and intense as hell. Michael Caine stars as harry Brown a man who lives in a apartment complex in England with alot of gang activity. The gangs, record alot of their activities with camera phones, they deal cocaine, and vandalize cars, even doing drive by shootings on mothers pushing strollers. His friend Leonard(David Bradley) decides to do something by pulling a blade on the gang only to be murdered and pissed on, yes pissed on. Harry decides to take action, by buying a gun from a dealer, i won't go into the detail as it is the most intense scene i've seen in a while, and by intense i mean the pacing, the acting and the gun shots, which there are plenty. The gang has an uprising against the police and two cops, Frampton & Hicock(Emily Mortimer & Charlie Creed-Miles) who suspect Harry of being a vigilante get ran down by gang members in a car crash. Harry comes to the rescue and takes them to his favorite pub, owned by Sid(Liam Cunningham) who winds up being the uncle of the gang leader, Noel(Ben Drew), and an amazing set of shootouts leads to the best shot of carnage since Taxi Driver. Alas at the end of the film, the streets are clean, the police are still half assign the gang violence and Frampton & Harry go on with their lives. THe film is fuckign intense, brilliantly intensem it may be my pick for best film i've seen all year, ant it certainly is one of my favorites. Not since Charles Bronson has vigilante films been so kick ass.

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