Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-30-10
Solid Cast, Scorsese seems to have alot on his plate currently but hey, if he keeps making great films, and it takes him years to finish his projects, more power to him. Hostel 3
Spiegel directing is all i care about, from Dusk Til Dawn 2 is a fun flick and Intruder was great. Pee Wee Herman
I'm all for more Pee Wee, and Apatow needs to produce some new material anyhow, well atleast some new blood. Rise of the Apes
I'm not against casting, but why does it have to be a full CGI creation? Lrgo
....moving on..... Mafia Wars
I don't care about your mafia so quit sending invites.

Speaking of Facebook...i like this teaser, i like Eisenberg, i like Fincher, i hope i like the film.

More of the same? I like the shot of the person by the crib though.

Looks awesome!

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