Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Him To The Greek

So Forgetting Sarah Marshal was a very funny film two years ago, i was glad Jason Segel finally had a starring role, it spoke alot about the problems in relationships & the pain that comes from relationships ending. THe cast was great with Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill & Russel Brand....Russell Brand, who i had seen on youtube before stole the show. His character in Sarah Marshal, Aldous Snow, was very close to Brand, as both were recovering addicts. He stole the show so much that he got his own film, where he once again is an addict, and he brought Jonah Hill along for the ride, as Aaron, a different character from Sarah Marshall.

Snow has released one of the worse selling & critically panned albums of all time, and began boozing & drugging it up to fill the void and his girlfriend left him with their kid(who later is reveled to not be his). Aaron works for Sergio(P Diddy) and suggests doing a 10 year anniversary show at the Greek Theatre for Snow's big show. So he goes to England to bring him to the states. Their trip involves, ruining the Today Show, getting drunk, doing various forms of drugs, hooking up with random chicks, attempting to rekindle with ex's & parents, and fighting in garbage. On the night of the concert Snow learns that his child is not actually his and that his ex Jackie Q(Rose Bryne) would rather fuck Lars Ulrich, so he decides to commit suicide, but luckily Aaron is there to help him out and finally get him to the greek. It's one of theose films that you can't really tell people about, they just need to see since it's more sight gags & one liners to list, but it's a hilarious film.

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