Thursday, June 17, 2010

Film News Round Up 6-17-10 Monster Squad
Not thrilled by this one at all, the writers, director, producer, i'm having none of it. Ghost Rider
Crank & Crank 2 were so retarded fun, that a part of me is excited for this, but as a huge Ghost Rider fan, i'm weary. Oz prequel
Well there is this, and there is Drew Barrymore's sequel, i'm pumped for Oz, but i'm not thrilled at all with the writers. Plan 9 in 3d
Hmm, i'm not a fan of post 3d, but Plan 9 is already so cheesy & bad, yet brilliant, that 3D might make for a fun time. McQueen
Hmm, interesting, i'm highly intrigued by this one. Deadpool
Fuck, don't direct it, you'd be awesome at it, but come on, i want Sin City 2 for fucks sake.

Wow, that's how you cut a trailer.

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