Sunday, August 8, 2010


So Fangoria was giving out dvds at Comic Con, the dvd in question was Bitten, starring Jay Mewes, and it''s...oh HI Tommy.

The film is about Jack(Mewes), a paramedic who needs some loving, he hates working the nightshift, and his partner Roger(Richard Fitzpatrick) is always taking shits. One night while walking home he spots a girl, Danika(Erica Cox), all bloodied up laying in the trash, he takes her in and she begins to crash there with him. Danika seems all drugged up, atleast to Roger, who only wants her around for Jack to fuck, which he does, but once Jack's ex arrives, the truth is told, the fangs are out, and death becomes her. Jack initially is freaked out, but begins to bring Danika victims. After a while he begins to lose sleep, and Roger is getting pissed, it's either the job or the girl, but when Danika goes after Roger, Jack gets pissed, locks her up, takes a walk, sees happy couples, goes back and Danika goes after him, Roger attempts to rescue him, but Danika bites Jack. Doesn't really mean anything, he'll just be accused of being a fang banger, but Roger stakes her anyhow.

The film at first i thought was good, five minutes later, i thought it was bad, then it went to so bad it's good, then maybe they made it this mad on purpose, hell they had maraca music between scenes. Tommy Wiseau has said he wants to make a vampire film, this could be it, Jack brings her victims then gets pissed when he sees blood on the floor, the dialogue is shit, but it's an entertaining piece of shit i'll say that.

Only trailer i could find.


  1. saw this a walmart... and thought the only big star on cover was mewes... my first thought how could it be? don'r get me wrong i love jay, but does it transfer over to horror....

    thanks for the solid!