Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Film News Round Up 8-25-10 David Goyer's HEAVEN'S SHADOW
Goyer is an underrated writer in my opinion, even if he helped with the Dark Knight, and this is a cool concept, i'm sick of shitty alien films, hopefully Goyer will be able to pack a punch! Ghost Rider 2
I love me some Dracula but can we get some Morbius thrown in here at some point in a Marvel flick? My Name Is Bruce 2
Badass! Geekass! Nerdass! Sweetass! Gimme some sugar baby, sure My Name is Bruce isn't a classic by any means, but it was alot of fun, but hearing it might be a whose who of horror icons is enough for me!

I love real life adventure flicks liek this & Into the Wild, and i love Danny Boyle, as a filmmaker i love reflecting on a directors past, as they did at the beginning of this trailer, similar to the Coens & A Serious Man's trailer. As for the film itself, i think it looks great.

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