Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Midnight With Love: 70's Cult Films Fellow MIDWEST! blogger, The Mike from the awesome From Midnight With Love wants us to come up with our list of essential films from the 70's, my favorite decade, this may be hard to get down to 5, but damn it to hell, here are mine.

Also note, to some these may not be "cult" films, but hey the masses don't really watch em, so...yeah, to me they are!

Rocky Horror Picture Show
My favorite film of all time, tied with Clerks that is, the film i've seen in theatres more than any other film, my commitment to the part of Frank N Furter even led to me getting a tattoo of his boss/heart tattoo. It's a B Movies fans wet dream, full of references to the past, plus it unfold the convention of B movies in such a glorious & humorous way.

Dawn of the Dead

In my opinion, the greatest horror film made, so brilliant, Romero's true masterpiece, he took Night of the Living Dead to the next level in this one, very funny & some of the best gore in film history. I lvoe it so much i went to the Monroeville Mall just to see the locations.

The best slasher of all time, and my favorite film by my favorite filmmaker. People can say what they want about the slasher sub genre, but Halloween is in a league of its own.

Taxi Driver
It may not be Scorsese's best film, to me that honor goes to Goodfellas, maybe Shutter Island or the Departed, but my favorite film of his is Taxi Driver. Such a brilliant film, perfectly shot, the colors, the tone, it perfectly captured the way Vietnam warped minds, it feels like a studio version of an exploitation film.

To me it's the beginning of the best horror series ever(well toss up with this and Evil Dead). This and Evil Dead together are actually apart of my dream project as a screen writer. I've met Reggie Banister and he is the coolest mother fucker there is!

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  1. Great stuff, Joe! Can't argue with any of these picks, and it's always good to see the passion for RHPS! Thanks much for helping out!