Sunday, August 15, 2010

Film News Round Up 8-17-10
I remember seeing this at Con, never gave it much of a thought though, seem cool though.
I'm all for Looney Toons, but i feel this will be retarded.
That's a pretty kick ass choice, he was the best part of Star Trek, and havign a gritty Dredd will be all sorts of badass. Toyer
Fuck YES! De Palma returns to horror! Terminator
All i'm gonna say is.....GOOD...that is all.
Very hott chick in Youth in Revolt and Night on Remake ST, but i don't know if she can pull this off, then again, she may be a huge surprise.
This makes me say WOWOWOWHOHOHO
Frost is in the film...that's all that matters.

Fuck yes!

So we got a movie about online porn, facebook & viagra, all coming out soon....maybe that should be spelt with a U.


I'm not a big fan of Crowe but this looks like a very decent film. Good cast plus Haggis is a talent.

Holy fuck, this flick was shot for supposedly around 15 thousand, makes me feel good to know films can be made on the cheap like this, genre films i mean, and good looking ones at that.

Looks like loads of fun.

OH MY GOD...Holy shit, that looks amazing, i've been excited for this film since i first read about it, even more so now.

This flick i've been weary on, but while i trailer is a tad underwhelming, i still have to say it caught my interest.

Routh is getting more awesome with each project.

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