Sunday, August 8, 2010


So one of my favorite book stores/art galleries is Polyester, it just opened a few months ago but is helping bring film to Omaha, good film, great film, the owner has exploitation films lined up, a drive in(fuck yes) and they do roof top showings of classic films such as Cool Hand Luke, Buckaroo Banzai & Cinema Paradiso. Last night they played Seconds, holy fuck, for those who haven't seen it, watch it! I was amazed, shot gloriously, gorgeous black & white, great story, cinematography, everything.

It's about Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph), an older man married to Emily(Frances Reid), but he doesn't seem happy, he then receives a phone call from an old friend of his, Charlie Evans (Murray Hamilton), who tells him to go and seek out this organization, it's very word of mouth, they drug Arthur and tell him about his death, a faked death so he can start a new life, to become a second, he agrees and becomes Tony Wilson(Rock Hudson), and has a whole life in process as an artist. He meets Nora(Salome Jens) and the two become an item, even going to hippie fests making wine, it is all eggs & hashbrowns until Tony gets drunk at a party and starts spilling his guts to everyone. Luckily everyone there are also seconds, however it doesn't go good for him, he wants his old life back, visits his ex wife, finds out she thought he was distant, tries to get a new life again, but is denied when he refuses to sponsor someone, aka do the word of mouth as Charlie did to him. They finally agree but there is a double cross of sorts.

The film has moments you almost feel inspired Martin Scorsese, Darren Aronofsky, and is a product of it's time, yet ahead of it's time at the same time. It has some very psychedelic sces, and a very trippy credit sequence. I loved this film, i need to own it.

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