Thursday, August 19, 2010

Expendables/A Team

Last Friday i saw the Expendables, which stars a whose who of action stars going overseas to overtake corruption & save the girl. The next day i finally saw the A Team, with soem non action stars trying to clear their name. One is a hard R film, the other is glossy PG 13, both are over the top, but one featured plenty of gore and the other disappointed at the box office. This is the year for men on a mission films, last year we had GI Joe, which fucking sucked, seriously it sucked harder than a guy at a glory hole. Then we had Inglorious Basterds, which wasn't quite a man on a mission film, but i still loved, it was classic Tarantino. 2010 however has offered some fun men on a mission films, The Losers was tons of fun, and a cheap(for studios anyhow) DC Comics flick. The A Team to me did what GI Joe wanted to do, be a fun summer blockbuster, now some will say GI Joe was that, but as a GI JOe comic/cartoon/action figure fan, i hated it. The A Team captured the show, while some say it wasn't, to me it felt like a hollywood version of the series, and not a bastardisation(no pun intended) of a beloved series. Which brings us to the Expendables, which is what GI Joe should've been aswell, a special ops team sent on a mission, with jokes & gore, sure GI Joe didn't need the gore, but hey, i'm a gore hound and get a kick out of it. Later this year, RED comes out, which looks like alot of fun, but i'm not that familiar with the comic for which it is based. 2010 is a fun year, with soem good genre fare, especially in the MOM subgenre of action flicks. My favorite of the bunch is the Expendables which my theatre was a geek fueled blast of awesomeness.

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