Friday, June 19, 2015

Dope is Dope

Well it is still early in the year, but the Sundance favorite Dope, is easily at the top of my list for best film of the year(thus far). This is the story of three geeks, they skateboard, love 90's hip hop & fashion, play old school video games, listen to indie rock, play in a punk band & watch Game of Thrones. They get bullied at school, they get mugged, robbed and treated like shit, until they meet Dom, he is a neighborhood drug dealer and is using Malcom(the trio's spiritual leader) to talk to Nakia in an attempt to swoon her to his birthday party, the trio goes, drugs appear, guns start a blazing and Dom puts a shit ton of Molly in Malcom's backpack. The next day a rival of Doms are on Malcom's tail is thus a fish is out of water and the trio(Malcom along with Jin & Diggy) are on the run from some hard hitters looking to get medieval on  their ass. Malcom hooks up with a big time dealer, or well his kids, but this man, AJ, shares more links with Malcom then anticipated. This is a Breaking Bad version of a coming of age film. Malcom must man up through out the flick, gain respect, and use with mind to show not only criminals but high society that he is more than just a poor kid from the hood. The cast is fantastic, everyone plays their parts perfectly, the film's progression has a perfect pace and you feel high tension and numerous moments for the safety of our three main characters. The cinematography & direction are amazing, i hope it gets notice at the Oscars but i am sure it will not, the Spirit Awards is another story. This feels like the type of indie film i fell in love with in my teens, it's raw and has tons of heart. I pretty much loved this flick, and the messages are not heavy handed, they are just presented as they should be, don't judge & just be cool towards others, this film needs to be seen, i usually say fuck all to the masses, but i say let this film be the little indie that could! It's funny & intense at the same time, go check it out!

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