Sunday, June 21, 2015

This is Where I Leave You

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost their father and the one son who just caught his wife cheating, it's Arrested.....I mean it is This is Where I Leave You.
This film surprised me, i thought it looked good when it came out last year but never saw it until now, it is a charming and honest film about relationships, family & your past. Jason Bateman as Judd does his usual straight man act but in this one he is split between a possibility of getting back with his cheating wife, Quinn and the girl from his home town, Penny, played by my love Rose Byrne, who is such a charming & cute character i just wanted to eat her......up, so adorable. Judd's ex, Annie is married to his brother Paul, and the two of them are having problems getting pregnant. Their younger brother Phillip is a spunky, tail chasing fuck up, but has the films best moments, he is also dating his old shrink whom is dating Tracy, a woman about 10/15 years older than him. Their sister Wendy is in a troubled marriage and she is rekindling a past relationship with Horry, a man that was in a bad car accident and left him slightly altered. All the characters are likable, even the ones that are semi douchey, the events are rather honest and some characters don't wind up having happy endings. Check it out, it is on HBO GO.

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