Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jurassic Park Series Ranked

So with Jurassic World now in theatres, it is time to look upon the Jurassic Park franchise.

1. Jurassic Park
This is a great film, i first saw it when i was like 5, and remember being in awe. Awe works for the film, it has that sense of Spielberg wonderment, something the other films lacked. If you love dinosaurs chances are you love this film, if you were an aspiring filmmaker in 1993 or you were a wee lad like i was, chances are you reflect upon this fondly, and rightfully so, great characters, great effects, well built tension, it is an amazing film.

2. Jurassic World
This film pretty much never mentions 2 & 3, and well it is better paced & more fun than both of those films. It is full of references to the original, the cast seems to be having fun and the dinosaurs seem like a spectacle again.

3/4(tied). The Lost World
I liked this alot as a kid, rewatched it about 5 years ago and was unimpressed, rewatching it now, i mean it still holds up in some areas but it lacks so much of the original, it feels forced at times. I know the book was rushed, so it makes sense this film has that feel.

3/4(tied) JP 3
You know this film may be stupid, character flaws(unitentional), plot holes, and a cluster fuck, but truth be told this is alot of fun. It may not as well shot as The Lost World but i think it is more fun.

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