Friday, June 5, 2015

Insidious Trilogy

So 4 years ago James Wan blew me away with Insidious, i didn't think  I was going to love it but i did, his three previous films i liked but that was about it. Four years later, bada boom, we have a third, different director but still one of the creators!

1. Insidious
This film is a modern Poltergeist, it was great and it wasn't afraid to get a lil weird, Darth Maul working in an industrial field, ghost kids dancing, Tiny Tim's Tiptoe Through the Tulips, some aspects even reminded me of Suspiria. The cast was great and the scares were creepy!

2. Insidious Chapter 2
They pulled the old Evil Dead 2 with this one of amping up the crazy, the further was weirder, and Patrick Wilson being possessed was easily Jack Torrance. Sure the film is not as good as the first, but come one Wan was working on the Conjuring at the same time so ease up on it.

3. Insidious Chapter 3
This one wasn't bad but it wasn't good. The best parts are the returning characters of Elise, Tucker & Specs, the scares relied too heavily on jump scares and it didn't work, the humor was really hit & miss.

It has been said more films will continue, i say pick up where Chapter 2 ended, Elise as a ghost helping Tucker & Specs do their thing.

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