Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silicon Valley

Sitcoms are an odd bunch, you either get really stupid network shows or you get really smart network shows, Two in a Half Men is the former, Parks & Rec being the latter, Then you get a show that is deemed the nerd sitcom to end all.....the Big Bang Theory.....well most nerds i know hate the show and prefer stuff like Parks & Rec, shows with wit. The anti Big Bang Theory of sorts is Community, is deals with the nerdiest shit but is exist in a realm of fiction(though BBT does too, just made to look legit, ugh). In recent years cable has taken off, It's Always Sunny did wonders and then HBO started doing well with shows like Bored to Death, a brilliant sitcom. So what do you get when you take the director of Office Space, Mike Judge and give him a sitcom, on HBO with lose language and a great staff of writers to expand upon the tech side of Office Space, you get the show that Big Bang Theory wishes it was, you get Silicon Valley.
The characters on here are relateable, they aren't nerd cliches & stereotypes, the humor is blunt, rude, sexual but done in one of the wittiest & smartest ways. The plots may not reach everyone, as no, we are all not computer experts, but fuck me if this show doesn't make it acceptable and without talking down to the audience. This show never does, they will speak 1337 and if you don't get it, oh well, if you do, you'll love it, for those of us that just love great comedy, well we do not need to worry about not getting every tech reference as the laughs pour in all the time.
The first season was brilliant, the second blew it away, all the actors are top notch, Thomas Middleditch plays the awkward CEO of the upstart Pied Piper, Richard Hendricks, to a T. T......well i have to bring up the shows MVP, TJ Miller's Erlich Bachman the brash, cocky & foul entrepreneur that runs Pied Piper out of his house. Martin mothafuck Starr is brilliant as the dry humored satanic programmer Gilfoyle that always bickers with whom we can only assume is his best friend, fellow programmer Dinesh played by a guy that is everywhere right now, Kumail Nanjiani, rounding out the cast is the Office's most underrated actor Zach Woods as Jared, the companies CFO, a guy that is more awkward than Richard yet is oblivious to alot of his quirks as well as the fact he is the groups target & punching bag.
It looks as if it might sweep at this years Emmy Awards, and rightfully so, this show is brilliant & needs to be watched!

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