Monday, June 15, 2015

Game of Thrones season 5.

So early in 2014 i saw a clip of a show with a great long take, True Detective, so i got my buddy's HBO GO so i could watch the brilliance, of course i wanted to catch up on True Blood and Bored to Death but one show had me intrigued, Game of Thrones. All i knew was it was a violent fantasy with tons of sex & lots of pissed off fans from death scenes, it was but so much more. This show is well acted, well produced, well shot & has gorgeous CGI. I didn't read the books, i have read the first two since but they're not my bag, this show however....well i proudly wear my GoT shirt, so there is that!
The show was nuts, the characters were various shades of grey and the battles were great, when deaths happened they hit you hard. So i watched season 4 as it aired and i felt like i belonged finally. I finally had to go through GoT withdraws over the summer, fall, winter(is coming), and patiently await spring. This season started off super slow but the last half really picked up steam and ran home with it!
So here is a quick rundown of this season, Tyrion started off the season headed to Dorne before being abducted by Jorah whom was banished by Daenerys, and Jorah assumes this will put him back in her good graces for Tyrions family taking down hers. Tyrion & Jorah had great chemistry and foes/friends, and one they get back with Daenerys the battle scene is amazing. Tyrion's brother Jamie set off with Tyrions former right hand man Bronn, to get Jamie's niece/daughter back from the Martell's whom Tyrion's sister Cersei assumes will kill her daughter in an act of revenge for the death of Oberyn last season. Jamie & Bronn get into a tussle with quite a few of the Martell's/Sandsnakes and finally work out a deal to leave, until  Cersei's prediction comes true, Cersei meanwhile is locked up by a religious cult this seaons and slut shameed this season, but hopefully the cunt will get what she has coming(no pun intended). Stannis Baratheon strikes a deal with Jon Snow to take down the Boltons with the help of the Wildlings, an epic battle with the Whitewalkers takes place, but Stannis lets greed get to him, sacrifices his own daughter and loses his life to Brienne. Brienne was tracking down Sansa that was married off to Ramsy Bolton, and by time the show ends, her fate is unknown, as is Theon's after they jumped to escape the Bolton army, Now back to Jon Snow, after helping the Wildlings, the Nights Watch decide to stab him to death, i guess winter came & snow fell. Arya Stark went on her mission of becoming a faceless man, got tortured, cleaned bodies, then murdered Meryn Trant number one on her kill list, and by the end of the episode is going blind. She show has lots of characters, some live, some die, some you celebrate, some you mourn.
As for the finale, i loved it, i thought Arya's kill was one of the best scenes the show has had, i thought the seeds being planted for Tyrion next season was well done, Jon Snow's death was unexpected and a huge loss, the Dothraki's returning to Daenerys was pretty cool Cersei is obviously plotting to get a bunch of folks killed next season. Sansa & Theon's jump will lead people guessing all year as to whether they died or lived.Jamie watching his daughter die will lead to some interesting aspects for him. Brienne taking out Stannis was well deserved and wrote his character off after having everyone go from loving him to hating him in a span of a week. Now we just need to know what is up with Littlefinger and what the rest of the Stark boys are up to.

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