Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Nightmare on Elm ST series ranked

Wes Craven sadly passed away the other day so I decided to rewatch the Nightmare on Elm ST series, except the remake, sure he was only involved in a few but oh well, let us pay respect to the man that gave us The Last House on the Left.

1. A Nightmare on Elm ST
Easily the best in the series, and not a bad film like many think of the others. Freddy is a threat in this but with a dash of dark humor.

2. Freddy vs Jason
I don't care, I love this flick, it is what I wanted it to be, and when I rewatch it, I feel like I am seeing it in theatres, it was a huge event for me.

3. Freddy's Dead
I love the vibe of this one, sure it is the most comedic but the tone is what I want in a fun supernatural slasher flick.

4. Dream Warriors
Possibly the best of the sequels, this is where the kills & jokes became more noticeable, it feels more of a sequel to the first and it in turn had two films that closely followed it.

5. Freddy's Revenge
Not much to do with the others but I have fun with this homoerotic slasher.

6. New Nightmare
Not a sequel perse but a cool vibe and great concept, would be ranked higher if not for the kid.

7. Dream Master
I like the concept of this one and it really hold up, but the final act kind of drags a bit.

8. The Dream Child
I loathe the kid in this one, it looks cool, almost early Tim Burton esque in the design but fuck, is that kid annoying.

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