Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Film is overrun by zombies these days, ever since Zombieland everyone makes them, then Walking Dead made it a cash cow, there have been a few awesome ones, The Battery, the Dead, Detention of the Dead, but most are so so. Maggie is a film that I think most would have written off if not for Arnold Schwarzenegger being in it. Arnold in a zombie film? This must be a gore filled pop corn flick then eh? Nope, it is in fact pretty much a zombie art film(though it could have looked more artsy if that were the case), not saying it is an art film but this is a zombie film to show people that hate zombie films, it has heart & brains...no pun intended. It shows a world not quite destroyed by zombies where cash, jobs, cars, houses ect still matter. Only thing is infected folks get taken to quarantine before they cause damage and begin the zombie outbreak. I dug this film and hope more see it, but it is slower than some episodes of the Walking Dead, except here you have invested interest.

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