Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Burying the Ex

This is easily Joe Dante's best film in years, much more in tone with his films of the 80s, funny and gory. It is basicaly a nerds dream and nightmare all in one, you are boning a hot chick but she is an organic food, clean living uber heavy handed bitch. You try to dump her but ahe dies, even though you should be with the hot ice cream girl that knows about monster cereal. Well you get sad andget over it by going to a double bill, and there you run into the hot cool girl. How many of us would love to leave a midnight movie and meet a cool chick? All of us. This film celebrates what makes us, us.....film and Joe Dante is all over that. Those that know his work or know about the man know he is a cinephile through and through, and this film celebrates b movies all the way.

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