Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mr. Robot

Television has changed drastically in the past 10 years, serialized series are now the norm, the art has been raised, no longer is acting on tv a dirty word, it is now golden, atleast for stations such as AMC, HBO, FX, ect....USA on the other hand has usually played it safe, sure they may have had fun shows like Psych but nothing groundbreaking or gripping, unless you count CM Punk's pipebomb....wrestling aside, fine Up All Night aside too, USA was left out of the forefront, always have. Then along came Mr. Robot, holy fuck, is this show going to be the series that tops Breaking Bad for my pick as best of all time? It very well could, this season was amazing, and a part of me wishes it was wrapped up or left open ended, and it was just a single season series, but unlike Wayward Pines where I do not want it back as it would ruin the finale, this, I can not wait for the follow up. The acting by everyone was top notch, the production was so much better than USA deserves, the show very much feels like something David Fincher would have directed, it has paranoia, greed, anarchy, computer hackers, hell a lot of it feels like the companion piece to Fight Club. The twist I may have guessed in the pilot but who cares, it was told perfectly, the characters evolved and the shocks(blood, language ect) are plenty for basic cable. I can not go into detail without revealing the spoilers of this show, but if you love American Psycho & Fight Club, check it out!

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