Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween Franchise Ranked

Since this is the ever of October, i thought i would go back and rank the Halloween franchise.

1. John Carpenter's Halloween
This is on my top five favorite films of all time, hell last year i watched it four times last October. It is not just a great horror film but a great film, a film directed by my all time favorite director. The film may not have been the first slasher but it laid the foundation of what we all know the slasher sub genre to be. It didn't just have slasher acting, it had genuine good acting, it is well crafted and has one of the best scores around.

2. Halloween 2
I love this film, it  picks up right where the first left off, and has one of the best kick off lines of all time, "you don't know what death is". Some say it is too post Halloween slasher esque, which is just silly, this film still predates many of the 80's slashers, sure it upped Michael's intensity but that is what slasher flicks do. Now sure the sister subplot may not be the best but atleast they don't delve oo much into the family or origins....wait a minute

3. H20
....wait a minute is right, before we get to families and origins let us look at the end of a perfect trilogy, I am a fan of this being the trilogy, i love the use of Mr. Sandman, i love the inside jokes throughout, plenty of great lines & gags for us hardcore Halloween fans.

4. Halloween 3
Yes i will put this before those others aswell, i love the plot, the vibe, and Tom Atkins. Too many seem to hate it for being Michael less but pretend it is its own film(semi ironic since i am not for this list, but shh it, tis my blog, my rules) .

5. Halloween 4
I hate the characters in this film but i love the kills.....

6. Halloween 5
......see above. I want them to die, they do, we celebrate, but fuck it i still love these two. Why? Grew up with them, and they resemble what slashers became.

7. Halloween 6
I hate the plot of this film but if i had to choose between this and 8, i would choose this.

8. Halloween 8
I no longer hate this film but much like 6, i hate the plot, but the kills are not bad.

9. Rob Zombie's Halloween
Yeah i am including the remakes, if only because this franchise has many different possible timelines anyhow so why not. As for the film, the dialogue is awful, the film feels forced and is way too mean spirited but i respect it for trying to be different. Plus it has the hottest line up of chicks in all the films for my money.

10. RZ's Halloween 2
Sigh, i hated it in  theatres, borrowed a friends copy when it came out, hated it more, So now i re watched it again....ugh, this is a terrible film. Laurie became a forced character, vegeterian, Charles Manson poster, unwashed hair, haning with some hot topic bimbos but at a local coffee chain(not that there is anything wrong with these things, just felt out of place). Her constant drinking and screaming was awful too, i loathe the white horse & the surreal moments, i should like them, i like weird and surreal but here, it also feels forced, RZ doesn't do art house too well. It is different sure, but fuck, at what cost?

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