Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crimson Peak

Out of Guillermo Del Toro's American films Crimson Peak feels closest in line with his Spanish films, now to many that is great, and don't get me wrong i love Cronos & The Devil's Backbone but the film is will draw comparisons to is Pan's Labyrinth, a film which i love the look of (to me it marked Del Toro's signature look) but the civil war/non fantasy-horror elements drag a bit. This film seems like it wants to be a Hammer film yet it resembles a BBC special more than anything(again i am talking about the non horror-fantasy elements). The gore is great, the bathroom sink scene is fantastic, the stab in the face is another terrific effect. The acting is okay, for a film with Jessica Chastain, it is kind of wooden, yet Tom Hidleston steals every scene, he has charisma and it oozes out whenever he appears. The plot is non existent, it feels like an exercise is visual storytelling, it looks gorgeous, the production, sets & costumes are top notch, and the creature designs as usual is Del Toro films are brilliant. With all that said i enjoyed it but was still not super impressed.

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